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Frontline Phonics is the premiere reading program for children ages 3-8. This easy-to-use program has been refined and tested during 17 years of pre school and kindergarten classroom application. Tens of thousands of children have used Frontline Phonics to successfully enter their reading years ahead of their peers. Now available to parents as well as schools, Frontline Phonics is a fun, effective way to get the right start in learning to read.

Frontline Phonics is dedicated to the ideal that literacy is attainable for every child. We believe that kids learn to read best when given the kind of individual attention that parents provide. Our comprehensive reading materials and reading worksheets provide parents with exactly what they need to help their pre school and kindergarten aged children learn to read.

Our phonics program is the result of a long-term (and ongoing) study of kids learning to read. Over the years Frontline Phonics has been refined and improved through classroom research using a variety of teachers and student populations. In test classrooms, student-reading levels are assessed regularly during the school year. Consistently these children perform well above grade level standards - even some children with learning and attention deficit disabilities.

We're dedicated to providing the best learn to read program and making sure parents and kids are 100% satisfied. Frontline Phonics wants to improve the world by making reading an attainable educational goal for every child.

Learning to read changes the way your child sees the world. See preschool lesson plans. We're only satisfied when your child is happily reading - from street signs to great works of literature, we're supporting you all the way.

frontline phonics reading evalutation 2 and under ? phonics reading program can help 3 to 5 ? phonics reading program can help 6 to 7 ? phonics reading program can help Over 8 ? phonics reading program can help

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